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The Fatlion, aka Randy Carr emerged from the void many decades ago near Hermosa Beach, California. He spent most of his time taking "important" things apart and wondering how they worked. That is part of the reason he's interested in science experiments for kids. After surviving, he set out creating and sometimes profiting from myriad money-making schemes. This included raising tropical fish, pier fishing, and generally being fishy most of the time. He also began designing and then flying R/C sailplanes in large quantities. All the while, having the luxury of being close to the ocean.

He spent a number of years in higher education, enduring the *real* things that are taught in college and came out with an explicit knowledge of how to do laundry, where to find the best price on Kraft Mac & Cheese, and locating doughnuts in the middle of the night with no change in his pockets.

Work included a long stint at Apple Computer he says, but, of course, this was a completely unplanned venture, i.e. mistake (or was it?).

Amongst the numerous software adventures that occurred since, somewhere along the way he wrote a program called NetTrek that caused many a wasted evening for college students and pure saturation for the LocalTalk networks that wound thru the campuses. Maybe someday he'll resurrect that old NetTrek beast and bring it new life... (on the iPhone next!)

Randy now spends as much idle time as there is, and there isn't much, still building and flying R/C sailplanes, raising tropical fish, and collecting cool science experiments to show to the 'kids' and would rather do this for a living. The internet is now his life, whatever that is, and he can be reached .

For many years now Randy has been interested in learning Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Tagalog -- due to some extensive business trips around the world. He's actively interesting in finding a person who's interested in helping learn all these spoken and written languages.

So, about that 'Fatlion' thing... Am I a great, big, fatlion? Well, no, I guess not. Fatlion is a name that my daughter made up one day. I needed a domain name for the Internet, and I just couldn't think of anything clever that humans can spell every time; so I asked my daughter. She happened to be drawing a 'cartoon' of a lion sitting in a 'lounge chair', so that was it. Fatlion it is and has been for more than a decade.

BTW, if you're looking for information about another Randy Carr, the drummer, read about him here. That's not me, but he sounds like he was a great guy!

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